• a eulogy for my dog, Fizzy

    my dog Fizzy, on a summer evening down by the river
    Perhaps it is a little unusual to write a eulogy for a dog, but then Fizzy was no ordinary dog, and deserves to have the focus placed on the wonders of his amazing character rather than on the early and incredibly fast end of his days with us. So I won't write about his final week with us, and how it became necessary to say goodbye to the centre of my universe and the heart of my heart, but I will tell you that the open weeping of many people in our neighbourhood as they hear about his passing is a testament to what an extraordinarily loved and highly regarded boy he was - indeed a truly magical blessing to myself and my family and also to many people who benefited from his contagious joy, gentleness, and hilarious antics.
    We first met Fizzy in the exercise yard at K9 rescue group, he made an adorable and sweet first impression as he sat quietly at our feet to meet us. Of course I was a little nervous adopting a dog, and that wasn't helped when he pee'd in the rescue office at exactly the moment I was signing his contract of adoption. But we brought him into our home, the first step in my lifelong dream of owning my own dog, course at the end of the day there was a strange animal on the end of my bed, and he was probably thinking that we were strange people (how right!) somehow and quickly we all fell in complete love with each other.
    And he was perfection! He was not a year old, so still a heavy chewer, but he never chewed anything but his own toys. He never dug, or barked, or damaged anything, or stole our food, or went potty in the house, or escaped, or gave us any trouble. You couldn't ask for an easier first dog.
    The first thing I learned about Fizzy is that he was grateful for everything. If you ever gave him a new toy, or a treat, he would look at it first, then look at you and wait for you to say "that's for you!" and up comes the biggest working dog grin you ever could imagine and then he believes its okay to get to business and enjoy it.
    Fizzy also quickly rocketed up the charts in the neighbourhood with a reputation as a gentle dog you could let your baby pat, who automatically sat down with a huge grin on his face if small children patted him, and was gentle with the elderly. In short everyone loved and trusted him. We would approach the chain link fences of the daycare and kindergartens and all the children would line up to pat him through the fence, they used to scream his name when they saw us coming it was the closest thing to Beatlemania I've ever heard in my life. "FIZZZZZZZYYYYYYY!!!!!!!" We'd also hear this from passing cars, and even our lovely Startrack driver who would pull over on the side of the road to give my gorgeous dog a pat.
    But the best trick my dog ever performed, with the alchemy of his soul, was to transform the local "crazy cat lady" into a human being with a name, and made sure that it was known that she had his personal seal of approval. This was an elderly lady who lived alone, who was unpopular within the neighbourhood for allowing the feral cats to proliferate in her yard, and was picked on by children as a witch. When Fizzy first decided to add her to our list of Pat And Chat houses (literally houses we have to stop at for a pat and a chat) Dawn did not remember us from one visit to the next. I "met" her as if for the first time several times before the sheer excitement of Fizzy making a fuss as he ran to greet her begun to be memorable to her, and she was able to recognize us and look forward to our stops in her front garden daily. She would stand in the front yard expecting us at walk time, and the sheer joy in her face as she realized how much Fizzy wanted to lavish his love on her was one of the most beautiful things I will ever see in my life. Suddenly the children in the neighbourhood didn't want to pick on Dawn because Fizzy loved her, and we were known to spend time with her, and it would be terribly uncool to be mean to someone Fizzy loved.
    my dog Fizzy was well cared for by Blue Wheelers dog wash and grooming, Dawesville
    But Fizzy wasn't just a saint, he had a cheeky sense of humour too. The first time our lovely Chrissie from Blue Wheelers came to wash him in her newly upgraded trailer our electricity kept cutting out, so while she and my mum were fiddling around trying to get some consistent power, I was in the trailer with Fizzy, who thought it was just hilarious when the power suddenly came on and the hose that hadn't been turned off started to spray my ass! He was laughing and grinning at me big time, the little rascal! I was drenched. I don't do well when suddenly wet, I'm a little cat like in that regard, and he just thought it was the best thing ever.
    And of course we just spent all our days and nights together, he was my office mascot, my best friend, my constant companion. We walked together and enjoyed the beautiful natural landscapes and the waterside of Mandurah alone with each other and also with our many wonderful friends and their dogs. He ran, and played, and smiled all the time. He was the happiest and kindest soul I've ever known. He made me a better person who would stop thinking about how long our walks were taking if we stopped at Pat And Chat houses and give my time and my concern and friendship to people because it was more important than getting home to squeeze one more hour of work in on my computer. I lived more in the moment, and became more generous because I had the best role model, my dog, Fizzy.
    a eulogy for my dog, Fizzy, I am a better and kinder person because of his example
    And in his memory, I promise, I will love again, because hearts are for loving with.
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