• examining my empty life

    Early last year, in that terrible time of being constantly surrounded by soundbites about New Year Resolutions and what not, I took the time to read a book on my summer holiday. The book was Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman.

    It was hilarious, heartwarming, touching, and genius.

    However it resonated with the deep secret fear I had that my life was going by with nothing to show for it. 

    Oh dear. 

    I couldn't possibly explain it better than I did in this blog post, I wrote for Strange Nest: To Eleanor Oliphant with Love and I thought I'd share it here because, well, once you start telling the truth to yourself and the world, why stop? I have a feeling I'll need some accountability partners anyway, and you never know who may relate - do I have a soul sister out there?

    There is surely more to life than a modestly contented limbo, and I intend to find it. Who wants to join me?

    Have you read the book? Here is my review on Goodreads, a great place to track down a copy or join a conversation about this wonderful novel. 

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