• hit a home run with a unique vintage postage stamp gift

    Vintage postage stamp jewellery makes unique birthday, anniversary, and retirement gifts chosen by year of issue, motif, and nationality.

    To show you just how easy it is to hit a home run with a meaningful gift from the heart, I'm going to share this example, a necklace I originally made for my niece's 30th birthday last year.

    My beautiful niece was turning 30, so a stamp from her birth year of 1986 would be an obvious choice to celebrate her birthday.

    As a wildflower enthusiast, who takes every opportunity she can to get in the car, take her camera, and trek for wildflowers and take their photographs, I knew the Australian wildflower release from 1986 would be a really exciting gift for Diana.

    But the fact that this incredibly beautiful set of stamps also featured a rare, and very dramatic orchid native to our home state of Western Australia, The Queen of Sheba, an orchid I knew she was very lucky to have seen in person and taken fabulous images of, made me feel like it was all just so very perfect - an irresistible once in a lifetime gift that I couldn't wait to give!

    Sharing the origin of the stamp, so that my niece knew about the heritage or the stamp and its connection to her was so easy - and when you buy postage stamp jewellery from my store you also get the information about the stamp written onto the swing tag. Its a great conversation starter to help you share just how much thought you put into a special gift from the heart.

    Now for some great news, I happen to have some extra stamps from the series, and the striking collection of orchids and wildflowers will be back in store in a limited, small run (only 4 of each design)

    Australian wildflower necklace, handmade by Starzyia with vintage postage stamp from 1986Australian postage stamp necklace, wildflower necklace by Starzyia

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