• Mother's Day gift ideas for 2019

    I'm of the belief that the greatest gift is a heartfelt expression of how you feel for someone, an acknowledgment of the beauty and joy that they have blessed you with and that you want to thank them for. When you choose your words of love and thanks carefully, and give a meaningful gift from the heart, somehow what you really share is something so memorable that it keeps the recipient strong through the hard times.
    That's how something as simple as a shell from a beach, or an acorn, or a rose petal can make a powerful and memorable gift - it is what the gift represents and your ability to express why you gave it that seals it forever in the love (or friendship) that you have.
    So I make things that mean something - everything means something - and its the meaning that really taps into the soul and gives you the chance to share a meaningful gift from the heart.
    These are my favourite ideas for this Mother's Day - from gift tags, postcard sets, all the way up to jewellery....
    deluxe gift tags for Mother's Day, Psalm 84 quote
    Psalm 84 gift tags, whether you are religious or not these words are so beautiful and  evocative of a mother's happiness in creating her home and raising her babies.
    "Even the sparrow has found a home, and the swallow a nest for herself where she may have her young"
    Find these tags, and the tags in the blog feature image here
    Mother's Day - she literally filled your cup, now is the time to say thanks
    I have a range of stationery sampler sets - postcards (or flat notecards) with envelopes that make a lovely small gift idea, but my favourite are the Magic Tea print shown above, find them here
    pretty patina marbled swallow shawl pin brooch by Starzyia
    The Over the Rainbow swallow shawl pin brooch is one of my newest favourites, but all the shawl pins and chandelier brooches I make are really versatile and can be worn as jewellery, or decorate a tote bag, doily, vase cozy, pin onto a floral bouquet, or add a finishing touch to a dream catcher or indoor wreath project. As a pin they can actually do all of these since they easily transfer from one thing to another.
    You can find the swallow shawl pins here or browse all of our best selling shawl pins and chandelier brooch designs here
    Starzyia shawl pins and chandelier brooches are our most popular gift idea for women
    for a floral gift that will last, you can't beat our vintage postage stamp flower necklaces
    For a floral gift that won't wilt or fade, my favourite idea is choosing a floral vintage postage stamp necklace, the language and meaning of the flowers is shared in our design descriptions and each piece is part of history waiting for you to claim it and make it part of your epic love. For Mother's Day it could be really exciting to find a stamp from the year you were born. Browse our postage stamp jewellery for women here
    One last pick: my fave keychain tassel, below, is available here
    deluxe butterfly keychain tassel
    Starzyia will upgrade all Australian jewellery and accessory orders to Express shipping now until Mother's Day May 12
    From now until Mother's Day (May 12th 2019) I'm going to upgrade all jewellery and accessories orders for delivery within Australia to Express delivery, you'll enjoy our fabulous flat rate shipping, with tracking, and get your gifts fast!
    I can't sign off without saying how absolutely incredibly impressed I am by women who are mothers, and by women who are inspirational carers, aunts, grandmothers, substitute mothers, role models, and friends who contribute so much to the world through their love, advice, guidance, and sometimes just telling it to us like it is.
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