• Nectarine Polenta Cake recipe from Coles

    the best thing about summer is lots of fresh stone fruit, and this simple Polenta & Nectarine cake is a delicious way to use up the extra fruit
    this cake is best served warm, and eaten on the day its baked as the polenta can dry a little around the edges
    I first tried this recipe for Nectarine Polenta Cake (sourced by Coles supermarket in-store magazine) last summer, it filled me up and with more than just food - it was love, as I recalled many happy summer holidays picking nectarines in my grandmother's yard.

    It is best served warm (melt a little cream into it if you dare) and best served the day it is baked - like we need an excuse to eat more, lol, but seriously it gets firmer and drier around the edges the next day.

    I knew as soon as I tried it that it would work just as well with strawberries, and that is just what we put to the test during that dreadful needles in the strawberry fiasco this year - I made this cake, I made trifles, I made all manner of things to help keep our strawberry farmers in business.
    But this cake is really easy, really delicious, and easy to spin off with variations and your own twist. Here is the original recipe (again this is by Coles)

    Preheat your oven to 180C (160 C for fan forced), and grease a 20cm square cake pan, lining the base with paper.
    Using electric beaters, beat the butter, sugar, and vanilla until pale and creamy. Add the eggs one at a time, beating well after each addition. Fold in the polenta, almond meal, baking powder, and yoghurt.
    Spoon into cake pan and smooth the surface, place wedges of sliced nectarine over the surface of the cake - don't press into the cake, the cake will rise around the nectarines in its own charming way.

    Bake for 55 minutes, or until risen, golden brown, and firm (rebounds to touch)
    Leave the cake in the pan for 5 minutes and then invert onto a board, remove the paper and gently turn onto airing rack, right side up.

    Dust with icing sugar if you like, and serve warm on the day of baking, add some cream if you dare.

    Finished! I hope you love the recipe
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