• the secret life of postage stamps

    One of the most thrilling things about vintage postage stamps is the mystery of the news they carried and the role they served. Every stamp used to create jewellery for Starzyia brand undertook a journey in order to connect two people, or even families and communities, but particularly the women in my family around the world for over 70 years.

    It was a reality that my family and their friends were not going to see each other again in this lifetime, but it was a heart's truth that they were never going to give up on the other person, stop caring, or stop sharing. They wrote letter after lefter, decade after decade, and they didn't stop. That is an epic love, and that is where the "epic love" tagline in a lot of my branding comes from. I am in awe of the sheer dedication, and love that the women in my family had. There would have been laughter, and tears, times of stress, but also encouraging words and wisdom and I feel the energy of it when I behold the many boxes of stamps that were collected from these letters and cards.

    a legacy of an epic love - the postage stamps that kept my family connected for decades are transformed into pieces of jewellery

    vintage postage stamp necklace created by Starzyia, using a rose postage stamp from Polska, Poland

    Many of the stamps I create necklaces and jewellery from are 50 years old, they have served a purpose, are a part of history, and are ready to represent mystery, love, and hope for you or someone you love, and to stay with you for another lifetime.

    In my next post, I'll write about how easy it is to hit a home run choosing vintage postage stamp jewellery as a gift.

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