• a eulogy for my dog, Fizzy

    Perhaps it is a little unusual to write a eulogy for a dog, but then Fizzy was no ordinary dog, and deserves to have the focus placed on the wonders of his amazing character rather than on the early and incredibly fast end of his days with us. So I won't write about his final week with us, and how it became necessary to say goodbye to the centre of my universe and the heart of my heart, but I will tell you that the open weeping of many people in our neighbourhood as they hear about his passing is a testament to what an extraordinarily loved and highly regarded boy he was - indeed a truly magical blessing to myself and my family and also to many people who benefited from his contagious joy, gentleness, and hilarious antics.
  • our recent photo shoot helps you see Starzyia earrings in a new way

    Never before have you been able to see Starzyia earrings being worn by a real person, and sometimes that is just what you need to really understand how a pair of earrings hang, or how big they are, how long they might be, and which pair will be the best choice for you.... so that's why I'm super excited about the photo shoot we held right here at Starzyia HQ.
  • Nectarine Polenta Cake recipe from Coles

    I first tried this recipe for Nectarine Polenta Cake (sourced by Coles supermarket in-store magazine) last summer, it filled me up and with more than just food - it was love, as I recalled many happy summer holidays picking nectarines in my grandmother's yard.
  • hit a home run with a unique vintage postage stamp gift

    Vintage postage stamp jewellery makes unique birthday, anniversary, and retirement gifts chosen by year of issue, motif, and nationality.

    To show you just how easy it is to hit a home run with a meaningful gift from the heart, I'm going to share this example, a necklace I originally made for my niece's 30th birthday last year.