All current in stock designs by Starzyia

art and collage jewellery by Starzyia, bright and positive gifts

Art & Collage Jewellery

Art and collage jewellery by Starzyia makes bright, joyful gifts, with symbolic meaning and positive messages for women and teens...

Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier earring designs, from romantic bohemian to exotic world jewellery handmade on a premium choice of ear wires for your...

Dangle Earrings

Dangle Earrings

From simple beaded dangle earrings, to intricate bohemian dangle earring designs your meaningful handmade jewellery comes on a choice of...

this cute collection of kokeshi and matryoshka doll necklace designs make excellent gifts

Doll Sale

This special collection of cute kokeshi doll and matryoshka doll pendants and necklaces make wonderful gifts, are collectible, and are...

Starzyia earring clearance sale includes a variety of designs that will be leaving our stores for good

Earring Clearance Sale

Clearance sale of stud earrings, simple elegant beaded dangle earrings, and last of their kind earring designs by Starzyia

Sample gift presentation using Starzyia original gift tag sets, available in store

Gift Tag Sets

Original gift tag sets by Starzyia, large gift tags, gift swing tags, mini gift tags, deluxe gift tags.

Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards

Greeting cards by Starzyia feature original photography or designs and are very versatile - use for any occasion, encouragement card,...

Starzyia's online flower market for Mother's Day 2019 starts April 22nd

Mother's Day Flower Market

Starting Easter Monday (April 22nd) until April 26th, an online flower market for vintage postage stamp jewellery - floral gifts...

New designs by Starzyia, the easiest way to find our new jewellery and gift inspirations


Find our newest designs in this feature collection created to help you stay up to date with gorgeous Starzyia jewellery...

The Queen of Sheba rare and spectacular Western Australian wildflower, postage stamp pendant necklace by Starzyia

Postage Stamp Jewellery

Starzyia creates handmade jewellery from original vintage postage stamp jewellery, making unique and heartfelt gifts, particularly birth year gifts and...

US State Bird emblem postage stamps, an example of the vitnage stamps available at

Postage Stamps

Mint unused postage stamps for collectors, valid stamps for calligraphers and use on special invitations, used vintage postage stamps in...

Bloom & Grow postcard design by Starzyia, available in store in sets with envelopes.

Postcard Sets

Original postcards and flat notecard sets by Starzyia. Versatile and beautiful way to send happy mail, invites, thank you's, or...

Quote necklace by Starzyia, positive message jewellery for women

Quote Jewellery

Inspiring and positive quote jewellery, typography and quote necklaces, quotation and text pendants by Starzyia

Shawl Pins & Brooches

Shawl Pins & Brooches

Shop the Starzyia collection of shawl pins and brooches including our beloved painted butterflies and best selling dragonfly shawl pins...

Starzyia tote bags are the perfect size to carry your essentials, this is what Starry fits inside her bag

Tote Bags

Tote bags featuring original photography and design by Starzyia make great book bags, and small market bags.

Unisex Stamp Jewellery

Unisex Stamp Jewellery

Unisex and men's postage stamp jewellery, handmade featuring original postage stamps and vintage postage stamps by Starzyia, a really hip...

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