keychain tassel, pink aqua terra jasper clip on bag accessory

pink boho keychain tassel, clip on pearl cotton tassel with aqua terra jasper and sparkling beads
  • pink boho keychain tassel, clip on pearl cotton tassel with aqua terra jasper and sparkling beads
  • the jasper bead markings vary, but we've chosen similar size and shape beads with gorgeous patterns and you will receive one of the keychain tassels shown in this image
  • shown in the maker's hand, the keychain tassel has a total length of 6
  • this image shows the Starzyia keychain tassel attached to a cross body bag
  • the keychain can be clipped inside bags for securely holding keys handy, or attached to the outside of a purse or bag as a tassel decoration
  • add a personal touch to your bag or purse with a Starzyia clip on tassel keychain
  • $16.50

Boho keychain tassel, this gorgeous clip on keyring tassel and jasper stone with sparkling fire polished beads can also be used as a purse charms and is easy to transfer from one bag to another and hold your keys securely to anchor points or tabs in your bag (no more panicked rummaging for keys in your handbag) a versatile gift that can include housewarming or leaving home.

The tassel is handmade with perle cotton, with a mixed colour thread that includes pink, cream, and cocoa that compliments the sea sediment jasper stone so well, completed on non tarnish wire on a gold plated keyring with swivel D-ring and handy clasp to help you attach the accessory where you like.


This accessory is approximately 6" in length, this includes the clasp, keyring, and tassel, the length can vary slightly due to tassel trimming and wire wrapping, the length of the piece you receive will be between 145mm and 150mm (6") For reference the tassel is approx 2.5" long

You will receive one of the four key chains shown in the second image.

* Other items shown in images are props only (purses, perfumes, cosmetics etc are not included in the sale)

We will wrap this up for you in our handmade positive affirmations wrapper that our customers love.


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