Caraway flower necklace, vintage postage stamp, 1977 Deutsche Bundepost Berlin

carraway necklace by Starzyia, vintage postage stamp 1977
  • carraway necklace by Starzyia, vintage postage stamp 1977
  • caraway herb necklace, vintage postage stamp jewelry
  • 1977 Deutsche Bundepost Berlin, carraway flowering herb, necklace by Starzyia
  • the maker holds the East German postage stamp pendant in her hand
  • all Starzyia postage stamp jewellery comes packaged in these presentation boxes
  • cottage chic botanical herb necklace handmade with vintage postage stamp from 1977
  • an ethereal and natural piece of history, 1977 postage stamp pendant
  • a lateral view of the caraway postage stamp necklace by Starzyia
  • this image shows the four stamps that were part of the 1977 Deutsche Bundepost series of herbs
  • $25.00

Caraway flowering herb necklace, handmade with vintage 1977 Deutsche Bundepost Berlin postage stamp, fabulous 40th birthday gift, also great for herbalists, chefs, and gardeners.

This beautiful pendant is created with the original vintage postage stamp, set under glass, in a silver plated 25x35mm pendant setting.

Ready to ship on 24" silver plated ball and chain necklace that easily trims to any shorter length.

The postage stamps we create with are part of history, they have played a role in keeping family and friends in touch from across the world by carrying letters and news, part of a love and dedication that we consider to be epic.

Postage cancellation marks vary, so we included each pendant we have in the photo shoot, showing the range of what you might receive.

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