90 blue vintage postage stamps, used/cancelled for school and craft supply

A mix of international vintage postage stamps in shades of blue, perfect for craft and art
  • A mix of international vintage postage stamps in shades of blue, perfect for craft and art
  • 90 used vintage postage stamps, in blue colourway, perfect for decoupage and craft
  • blue postage stamps, used vintage, craft supply packet
  • mixed media art and craft supply or school project, 90 vintage postage stamps, blue
  • the vintage blue packet includes Robert Kennedy postage stamp
  • history is depicted with a range of monarchs and world leaders amongst other subjects in the blue vintage stamp packet
  • pieces of the past - blue vintage postage stamps ready to create with
  • vintage postage stamps, 90 blue stamps, used and cancelled
  • $5.00
A very vintage collection of blue postage stamps, 90 used postage stamps from the 1940s onwards that will be great in craft and design projects (decoupage, mixed media, scrapbooking, card making etc) all stamps shown are those you will receive.

Being quite old stamps, they feature a lot of world monarchs and political figures including the British royal family, George Washington, and Robert F Kennedy among others.

The stamps are an international mix including Australia, US, UK, Canada, San Marino, Austria, Switzerland and more.

A note about the stamps - there is a difference in material and print with the older stamps than what we are accustomed to today with current postage stamps, if you aren't used to crafting with the older stamps that are thinner you might be surprised by the stamps, I recommend if you want to use adhesives, glazes, or sealers you test on one stamp, or apply light coats with a good drying period between. These stamps are also off paper, and some are ex-hinged.

I send the stamps in a zip lock bag to keep the dry, inside a rigid no bend card mailer or box, from Australia.

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