Queen Elizabeth II postage stamps, rainbow of vintage used stamps

a rainbow of Queen Elizabeth postage stamps, used vintage stamps for funky craft diy
  • a rainbow of Queen Elizabeth postage stamps, used vintage stamps for funky craft diy
  • 150 vintage Queen Elizabeth postage stamps for craft
  • create funky coloured art and paper craft projects with vintage postage stamps
  • Queen Elizabeth II postage stamps for craft supply, used vintage 150 stamps
  • the British Monarch Queen Elizabeth II depicted on 150 used vintage postage stamps
  • funky coloured Queen's head postage stamp supply for craft and altered art projects
  • vintage ephemera, mixed vintage Queen postage stamps in a rainbow of colours
  • $5.50
150 used vintage postage stamps featuring Queen Elizabeth II a rainbow packet of mixed colour vintage stamps for you to craft with. These small stamps create projects with impact, and a wonderful funky vibe, they'll be yours to play with - you get all the stamps you see, no chance or luck involved.

These stamps are used vintage, they carried letters, therefore quite a few have some cancellation marks which make a great ambience in your art and craft. They have been removed from paper, and some are ex-hinged. I've crafted with vintage postage stamps for years and have chosen these stamps for their ability to withstand experience use of adhesives, glazes, or sealers.

The stamps are primarily from the UK, but also Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea.

The mix of colours in this packet will help you create a rainbow effect - or help fill in any colour gaps you have in your collection or a crafty project you've started and need to complete.

I send the stamps in a zip lock bag to keep them dry, and ship them in rigid no bend card mailers (or a box if you order multiple items or jewellery/accessories from Starzyia shop)

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