Starzyia is a creative small business founded by Starry Raston in 2009, in Mandurah, Western Australia, proudly handmade, bohemian, and positive in outlook and offering jewellery and gifts that inspire joyfulness, well being, and self esteem.
You'll fall in love with the range of unique, beautiful, and loved up jewellery designs, especially the vintage postage stamp necklaces that are a part of history and a family legacy of epic love. You can find out more about the intriguing origins of the stamps used by Starzyia in this article.
Everything created by Starzyia has a meaning that is the core part of why it is desirable and how it makes the person who receives it feel. The use of positive symbols from traditional lore - like flowers, butterflies, and birds (and many more) - make it so easy to choose a gift that helps create a heartfelt connection between you and the recipient, or treat yourself to something that you can look at as a reminder of who you are, what you've achieved and overcome in life, and focus on hope for the future.

  Understand inner meaning, for you are children of inner meaning
Starting this journey of owning and creating for my own business has made such an incredible difference to my life, but the journey would not have been the same without the amazing women around the world who have supported my creativity, loved my products, and been generous enough to share with me their own story.
I create symbolically meaningful and positive designs and products because of the personal journey I have been on to overcome pain, grief, and the hard knocks of life. I've come out the other side wondering how it was possible to have taken me so long to truly celebrate who I am (however it takes how long it takes) and determined to uplift and help other women overcome their trials and own who they are.
What has amazed me is the incredible gift that admirers, supporters, and customers around the world have given me in simply letting me know why they love my work, what each piece means to them and why they have chosen it as a special gift for themselves or someone they hope will join the party - the band of women around the world owning, loving, and celebrating their identity, their power to endure, and to prevail. By sharing your stories with me you have enriched my life, taken away the isolation of being a stay at home creative locked in my own world, and filled my heart and this studio with love, tears, laughter, and light.
So thank you, and bless your bohemian soul
xox Starry