Policies & FAQs

Taking care of you and providing you with the information you need to enjoy shopping with us, is my priority. These are some of the most commonly asked questions, but if you have one no one else has thought of yet, we welcome it.

I offer the following guarantees on your orders:

Delivery Guarantee 

The delivery guarantee covers the worst case scenario of how long it may take to receive your order, in most cases orders are delivered much more quickly.

If your order has not arrived within our delivery timeframe for your region, I will arrange a replacement parcel or a refund. If your order has not arrived within 4 weeks for Australian delivery, or 8 weeks for International delivery (from the date marked shipped) I will work with you to arrange a satisfactory outcome for you. 

Workmanship & Satisfaction Guarantee

I want you to be more than satisfied with your Starzyia items, and offer returns, refunds, or exchange up to 30 days from your receipt of your parcel, excluding return of items with hygiene issues (stud earrings, intimate apparel) details on procedures for this are outlined below:


How is COVID-19 effecting orders and delivery?

Every item is handmade and ready to ship already - they are right here in my studio with me. I am still able to lodge orders with the postal service or carrier within 2 business days, and will do so as long as we are not in lockdown.  There are delays in the progress of parcels around the world but since my Delivery Guarantee already allows for delays and problems in transit I am prepared to honour it as usual. I am unsettled by news of USPS interference or disruptions within the United States and will consider upgrading US delivery to international courier services at my cost if I deem it to be in the best interest of customers. 


Can I cancel my order?

You may request a cancellation prior to shipping, however if we have shipped an order it becomes a matter of you returning to sender, that can sometimes be a slow trip (especially for international orders) and a refund can't be issued until we have the items in hand. For an order that is cancelled prior to shipping, and for items that have not been customised/personalised we can issue a full refund. For items that were shipped prior to your request for a refund, the original item costs can be refunded, but not the shipping fee which was used in transit already. Custom personalized items that have been created according to your order instructions can't be cancelled. If you wish to return an opened parcel, please follow our return policies listed below, and note that we can't accept returns on earrings.


Can I return or exchange an item?

Yes you can.These are our policies for change of mind, they exclude earrings, customized/personalized orders made to your specifications (which cannot be returned), and exclude goods that arrived damaged or faulty, or items sent to you by mistake - these are goods which are covered by our other policies.

To return for refund, or exchange an item that is not quite what you hoped for, please contact Starzyia within 30 days of receiving your order to make arrangements. It is essential you follow the easy instructions for returning an item:

  1. Contact Starzyia to let us know you wish to return an item, we issue you with a Return Code, which you must mark on the outside of your parcel.
  2. You must correctly address the parcel to Starzyia, we will confirm when you contact us for the return code where the item should be sent to.
  3. Use tracking, this is for your protection so you can prove to your payment provider that you returned the item, that way you will get any refund or exchange that you are entitled to. We'd like to be notified when you ship, and be informed of your tracking number.
  4. Returned items need to be received in original condition, any loss in value from damage or use is subtracted from the value of your refund. However it is really easy to take good care of items you are returning and we don't anticipate you will have any trouble if you wrap and package your items similarly to how we did when we sent it to you.
  5. We cannot accept returns on earrings - for hygiene reasons.
  6. A refund or exchange can be processed quickly after we receive your returned items - the return shipping is paid by you, and we refund the item price of returned items only. We will notify you as soon as we receive your parcel the condition of the items returned, and the value of your refund (either the full original cost paid or whether any amount is deducted for damage/wear in use or during return transport)


What happens if I get a damaged or faulty good, or the wrong item is sent to me?

The greatest of care is taken in creating and fulfilling your order, however if you receive the wrong item, or receive a damaged or faulty good,  please do not hesitate to contact Starzyia to begin making arrangements for a replacement or refund.

If we've made a mistake and sent you the wrong item, let us know within 7 days of delivery, we'd like to make sure that you have exactly what you wanted.

Damaged & Faulty Goods:

If an item arrives damaged - you will need to keep the packaging and a photograph of the packaging and item (or items) may be requested, in order to help us to file a claim with the postal service or carrier. Please contact Starzyia so that we can assess whether the item should be refunded in full, a new item sent as replacement or whether it is worth returning the item for repair. For items damaged on arrival please contact us within 5 days of its delivery.

If an item is faulty on arrival or within 30 days of fair use (not exposed to agents that cause tarnish including moisture, bath and beauty products; and not exposed to abrasive cleaning cloths or jewellery cleaners; and rough treatment) we would like to hear from you. When cared for correctly Starzyia jewellery should be long lasting and we want you to enjoy your jewellery and gifts.


Why isn’t shipping free?

At Starzyia I believe in offering you amazing value for money while being transparent about the actual worth of the products I've created and the cost of getting them to you safely.

With "free shipping" everyone pays through the nose.

- Domestic customers end up paying international shipping rates

- Customers who buy multiple items in one order pay duplicate shipping fees

- And no one know the actual value of the products they receive.

With great value domestic and international shipping rates:

+ I offer a discounted rate of shipping that applies to the specific region a buyer is from

+ I offer the minimum shipping cost and no additional cost for shipping multiple items in the same order

+ There is item value clarity in case of returns.

You can find out about our great value shipping rates and shipping options here


Will I be charged taxes, import duties, or VAT?

You may be charged - if your item exceeds value limits imposed by your government. We do not collect or charge taxes and fees, however if your government or postal services require payment of import fees, taxes, or VAT in order to receive your parcel, we are not responsible and will not meet the cost of your obligation. You can check your national or regional requirements online before ordering.

Items that meet the VAT or tax threshold in your region will not be able to be delivered to you if you are unwilling to pay what you owe by law. Unpaid taxes and levies result in items being returned to Starzyia usually by the slowest method - in this case I refund the item value but not the shipping cost, after we have received the order back.


My order is a gift, will it arrive in time?

We can't guarantee equal speed for all deliveries, so its best to order with plenty of time to spare for special and important occasions. We prepare orders for shipping within 2 business days, and delivery within Australia can take 7-10 days, international delivery can take 10-21 days and even up to 8 weeks on occasion.

It is possible to request a gift notification - an image you can print and put in a card, or send via email to a gift recipient if it looks like their gift is not going to make it on time. The gift token let's them know a gift was lovingly chosen for them and is on its way from Australia, but doesn't spoil the surprise by showing what the gift is. You can request this token via email and we will send it within 24 hours.

What kind of ear wires do you use?

We use a variety or ear wire materials, each earring design listed in our store will specify the type used to create it, sometimes there is a choice between a standard material and an upgrade to another type. These are the major types of material we use:

  • Bronze coloured brass earwires
  • Copper earwires, handmade in studio from high quality copper wire.
  • Silver Plated, silver on surgical steel, or silver on brass.
  • Gold Plated, gold on surgical steel or brass
  • Argentium® Silver, handmade in studio from Argentium wire, this material is 935 silver, a highly tarnish resistant, comfortable, low maintenance silver.
  • Niobium is an inert, hypoallergenic wire, incredibly comfortable for metal sensitive ears.

    My preferred ear wire choice is out of stock, is it possible to order it?

    Yes! We actually make all our earrings on the standard (lower cost) option and only switch the ear wires to the upgrade of Argentium Silver or Niobium when they are ordered, however we have to manage the overall quantity of items available in store - sometimes if there is a low stock level, your option may show as sold out, though we have the material available to accommodate you. If you need an option that shows as sold out please contact us and we can confirm the material is available and update the product listing to reflect that.


    How is earring length measured? What is focal hang length?

    It is not always possible to give you an accurate earring length if the ear wire is included in the measurement because the ear wire goes through your ear lobe, people's ears are highly individual and unique, and it is also possible to adjust the curve of the ear wire hook to fit comfortably - so hang length that includes the ear wire is a very variable measurement. We use the term "focal hang length" because we measure everything but the ear wire -  we measure the beads, charms, or chains that are part of the earring design, this measurement is the same for all customers, so we can rely on it.


    How should I care for my jewellery?

    All jewellery orders include Starzyia brand care instructions on a nice card, please pass this information on to gift recipients, or keep it if the jewellery is for yourself. All jewellery should be removed before swimming, showering, or bathing, and should not be worn during intense exercise and cleaning with chemicals. The major causes of tarnish are moisture, dust, and exposure to beauty and body products (including perfume, moisturizer, bronzer, hairspray, and talc powder) and when not being worn regularly, jewellery is best kept in an airtight container or an acid free zip lock bag. Earwires can be softly wiped with tshirt jersey each time you remove them. We don't endorse the use of abrasive cleaning fluids, and remind you that you don't want cleaning fluids to get into your pendants which are glass not resin. A gentle rub with a sunshine cloth may be required for some metals - not too hard for plated jewellery.


    Do you use original postage stamps?

    and we can confirm the material is available and update the product listing to reflect that.Yes, we only create our postage stamp jewellery with the original postage stamps,  either vintage or contemporary. Whenever known the designs listed in store state the nation of origin, the year of issue, and a description of the cancellation markings (if any). It has been our honour to work closely with a number of postal services including Magyar Posta who commissioned us to create a retirement gift for one of their special and long serving employees of over 40 years. We are proud of the support of postal agencies around the world, who recognize that our brand of creativity promotes interest in stamp collecting, a win-win for us all.