Buildings & Architecture vintage postage stamp themed packet of used stamps

used vintage postage stamps for craft, buildings and architecture theme
  • used vintage postage stamps for craft, buildings and architecture theme
  • 80 used vintage mix buildings and architecture postage stamps for scrapbooking or art
  • architecture, buildings, urban landscape postage stamp craft set
  • international vintage postage stamps themed packet of building and architecture
  • used vintage postage stamps cities, buildings, architecture, engineering
  • vintage postage stamps for craft and school projects, buildings of the world
  • themed set of postage stamps for crafts, all kinds of buildings and architecture
  • $5.00
80 used vintage postage stamps, theme: buildings & architecture, ideal for craft and scrapbooking, decoupage and art. You will receive the stamps shown in this listing, no chance or luck involved.

The stamps are a mix of vintage years and come from Australia, South Africa, Austria, Italy, UK, Argentina, Canada, Finland, and more.

The stamps have a building design and architecture theme including parliaments, towers, castles, town halls, churches, and cityscapes.

The stamps are small to medium in size, the largest ones are a little under 1x2" each.

The postage stamps are used, off paper, most with cancellation marks, in great condition for crafting.

We send the stamps in zip lock bags to keep them dry, and in rigid no bend card mailers (or boxes if you also order jewellery)

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