butterfly earrings, sparkling ruby crystal dangle

pretty bronze butterfly earrings with sparkly ruby crystal beads
  • pretty bronze butterfly earrings with sparkly ruby crystal beads
  • if you prefer niobium earwires, or a chic hook style, we offer the earrings on this alternate earwire
  • a hanging view of the ruby butterfly earrings
  • bronze butterfly earrings with ruby crystal briolettes by Starzyia
  • a hanging view of the butterfly earrings on bronze kidney style earwires
  • sparkling pink ruby crystal butterfly earrings on your choice of earwire by Starzyia
  • $25.00

Bronze butterfly earrings completed by Starzyia with ruby crystal briolettes from Swarovski ® crystal elements on your choice of bronze or niobium ear wires.

These sparkly earrings are a great birthstone choice for ruby or garnet - being a dark, pinkish red and oh so dazzling. Butterflies are a wonderful positive symbol that as a talisman or charm help us mentally to cope with change.


The focal hang length (length of butterfly to bottom tip of crystal) is 30mm, approx 1.181"
The total hang length depends on your choice of ear wire.

  • For bronze, its a medium kidney style earwire that makes the total hang length approx: 2"
  • For niobium, the hang length barely alters, most of the chic hook goes through your lobe. Niobium ear wires are great for metal sensitive ears because they are an inert hypoallergenic metal.



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