crowned bird necklace, blue pendant

blue bird necklace, crowned bird jewellery by Starzyia
  • blue bird necklace, crowned bird jewellery by Starzyia
  • symbolic crowned bird paper collage pendant necklace, blue
  • blue crowned bird necklace, paper collage jewellery
  • altered art collage pendant, crowned bird necklace
  • handmade with original papers so that all the shimmer and glow from the metallic elements bring joy
  • blue and aqua bird necklace, meaningful positive jewellery gift
  • this image shows some of the other crowned birds created by Starzyia
  • we handmake these wrapping envelopes in studio, they literally tell you how wonderful you are
  • $20.00

Symbolic crowned bird necklace, blue bird with electric blue and aqua paper collage in a silver plated 40mm round pendant on length adjustable chain.

Crowned Birds traditionally represent good news coming, making this a really positive design. The art collage is created with electric blue chiyogami paper as well as a highly shiny (glowing) aqua metallic paper.


40mm round pendant, shiny silver plated with collage created under glass.Necklace comes on 24" silver plated ball and chain necklace which easily trims to any shorter length.

One image shows our crowned bird designs that may be available separately - check in store or send us a request if you need help finding the perfect crowned bird for you.



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