kimono doll necklace, kawaii kokeshi in silver plated domino

kawaii kokeshi doll necklace, colourful domino pendant
  • kawaii kokeshi doll necklace, colourful domino pendant
  • original yuzen paper collage kokeshi doll pendant, silver plated domino
  • kimono doll necklace, red, navy blue, and aqua
  • the silver plated domino pendant is 1x2
  • this bright kimono doll necklace will liven up your day by adding a pop of colour to your fashion look
  • $20.00

Silver plated kimono doll necklace, the dark navy and bright red pattern in the kokeshi's robe gives an exotic and opulent impression, and contrasts beautifully with the light aqua colours in the yuzen paper collage background. 

I feel this kokeshi is both sophisticated and bold, but very graceful. Do you get the same vibe? 


Original paper collage is set under glass in a 1x2" silver plated domino pendant bezel.

The pendant comes with complimentary 24" silver plated ball and chain necklace.

* Starzyia jewellery is not suitable for children under 12 years.

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