postage stamp necklace, Bulgarian, flower pendant

flower necklace handmade with vintage Bulgarian postage stamp
  • flower necklace handmade with vintage Bulgarian postage stamp
  • our vintage postage stamp necklaces are packaged in gorgeous branded boxes ready to gift
  • vintage flower postage stamp transformed into handmade necklace, purple and green flower pendant
  • the oval pendant is 30x40mm silver plated oval with original vintage postage stamp set under glass
  • unisex upcycled vintage postage stamp necklace by Starzyia
  • $28.00

Handmade flower necklace created with original vintage Bulgarian postage stamp, purple flower with green background in silver plated oval setting.

The exact year of origin is uncertain, but this carried personal news from Bulgaria to my grandmother in Australia and has fine cancellation ring in the bottom right section.

Vintage postage stamps are an exciting mystery because we don't know the news they carried but that this was sent as an act of love and perseverance to keep in touch with a family member so far away and gone for so long is just thrilling. To me postage stamps mean that people seek emotional connection, and that we have something worth saying. My family never gave up on each other! I like to keep that epic love alive by sharing the postage stamps!


The original postage stamp is set under glass in a silver plated 30x40mm oval bezel, and the necklace includes 24" silver plated ball and chain necklace that can be cut shorter to suit the wearer.

Arrives in our gorgeous vintage postage jewellery box ready to share.


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