"Unicorn Horns" quartz point beads, assorted bag

  • $5.00

A fabulous selection of quartz point beads, AKA "unicorn horns" to help you create beautiful jewellery and beaded crafts in a mix of colours: pink, green, aqua, gold titanium, and red-gold.

The beads have a single drill hole to allow stringing, wire wrapping, or can be used in electroform jewellery and embedded in epoxy clay and other materials to make anything your heart desires.


This is Unicorn Horns bag #2

There are 32 beads, all beads shown in the images are part of the set, you can see the entire collection laid out in the second image.

115grams of quartz beads.

The size, shape and position of the drill hole varies with each bead, and they are as unique.

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