upcycled vintage stamp necklace, butterfly pendant

vintage postage stamp necklace, butterfly pendant, beautiful butterfly gifts
  • vintage postage stamp necklace, butterfly pendant, beautiful butterfly gifts
  • one of the world's best butterfly postage stamps transformed into a new handmade necklace
  • your choice of postage stamp jewellery will be presented in one of our branded boxes
  • shown in the maker's hand, the butterfly pendant measures 30x40mm
  • the original postage stamp is set under glass in a silver plated bezel
  • 1966 postage stamp butterfly necklace by Starzyia
  • $28.00

Vintage postage stamp necklace, blue and cream butterfly pendant created with the original 1966 postage stamp from Hungary - Magyar Posta, this stamp aged over 50 years is part of history waiting for you to claim it and make it your own.

I have used the original vintage Hungarian (Magyar Posta) butterfly postage stamp, which has a small, fine cancellation ring in the bottom right border, not obscuring the butterfly, which is just beautiful!

Butterflies are symbols of love and hope, which is why I really am passionate about butterfly postage stamps - these have carried a personal letter internationally which is just so epic and worth celebrating.


Pendant measures 30x40mm, silver plated, with the stamp set under glass.

Ready to Ship on 24" silver plated ball and chain necklace, easy to trim to your perfect length. Presented in a vintage postage branded box, great for gifting.



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