wolf necklace, sterling silver, raku ceramic totem jewellery

wolf totem jewellery, raku ceramic wolf head with sterling silver chain
  • wolf totem jewellery, raku ceramic wolf head with sterling silver chain
  • powerful symbolic wolf necklace, Peruvian ceramic and sterling silver chain
  • we use the wolf to represent honour, loyalty, and a soul mate for people who have survived a stressful life trial or series of painful events
  • side view of the ceramic wolf necklace, boho totem jewellery by Starzyia
  • unisex wolf pendant necklace, sterling silver and raku ceramic
  • choosing a wolf for a charm or talisman makes a strong statement about your confidence going forward in life
  • $30.00

Raku ceramic wolf necklace on sterling silver chain, beautiful wolf head totem jewellery.

The symbolic wolf is one of the greatest personal guardians or animal totems, representing strength, loyalty, and faith this is a beautiful and strong choice of necklace. It can be adopted as a guardian when you have come out of a stressful period of life in which you felt the wolf was always at your door - now that you have turned your life around, the wolf is not a threat, he is a symbol of your successful transformation.

The raku ceramic wolf head has beautiful markings, you will receive the exact pendant pictured here.


The wolf measures 20mm across and 30mm in length.
Completed on non tarnish wire with a sterling silver chain.
Ready to Ship with 24" chain with easy self closing clasp.


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